New Year, New Changes

I’ve been absent for a long time. I’ve only made two posts in the past two years, how is that even possible!?

How, you ask? Well…a LOT has happened.

After B and I got married, we started looking for a house to buy (if that’s not a second full-time job–oops I mean third, behind parenthood AND a career–I don’t know what is!). Once we got the house, renovations started. And I’m talking DIY renovations of horror (thank god for parents who know how to put a house back together!), but I won’t go into the details. Then I got pregnant while the house and yard were still a fairly disorganized disaster. Then we (and by ‘we’ I mean with major and incredible help from my parents, again) got the house in mostly working, mostly pretty order. And then I had the baby! Little A. The tiniest, sweetest little dumpling ever around with cheeks as soft as pizza dough, eyes as big as the moon, and a smile as precious as…the most precious thing you could possibly think of! šŸ˜‰

And with all these new life changes came a fireball of stress the size of the sun.

When we started renovating the house, I was absent from home a lot longer. The first two months of ownership, we still lived in our rental. So that meant, instead of coming home from work, I often went to the new house to work. And instead of being home on the weekends, I was working at the new house. Removing wallpaper (something that should be illegal to put on your walls), painting, sanding wood, sanding spackle, who knows what else. Suddenly, I had very little time to cook.

Then, when we moved into the house, we didn’t have a fully working kitchen. We had the ovens (yes, a double-oven, woo!) and the fridge, but that’s about it! No countertops, no cooktops, no dishwasher, no SINK. How do you prep food with no counters? How do you wash utensils and cookware and dishes without a dishwasher or sink!? We had to commit to my worst nightmare…frozen food and paper plates. It was not a wonderful time, to say the least.

And even once we got the kitchen in order, there was still so much work to do. Then there was the pregnancy and the fact that I was exhausted on a constant basis and Billy was rarely home in the evenings to help out when I was just too tired to make a real meal.

Incredibly long story a little bit shorter…I have faltered. I lost touch with the family meal I had preached about for so long and executed well enough so often. That’s not to say I didn’t do a perfectly good job–I’ve still made sure my daughter eats nutritious foods, but my husband and I…maybe not so much.

But, with a new year and a lot of reading (Parenting without Borders, The Lost Art of Feeding Kids, among others), I’ve been re-inspired and re-determined to get my family back on track.

And I want to provide as much help to other parents (or just hard workers!) as I possibly can šŸ™‚

I’m so excited to be back on this journey and to take you along with me! Cheers to a wonderful new year!


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