Recipe for Success: Steak and Hamburgers

It’s starting to warm up outside and you know what that means. Time to take the cover off the grill!

When you’re cooking a steak or hamburger, whether on the grill or stove top, resist the temptation to press on it with your spatula. This doesn’t give it a better sear, ensure a flat burger, or drain the blood (as I’ve heard one person claim), it just squeezes out a lot of those wonderful, all-important juices!

Instead, here’s how to guarantee a beautiful, dark sear full of flavor:

1. Use high heat.
2. Make sure the outside of the meat is dry (free from water/marinade/juices).
3. Lightly coat the meat in vegetable oil.
4. Don’t crowd the meat (it’ll steam).
5. Only flip it once (twice if you want grill cross hatches).

To guarantee a flat burger:

Create a valley in the center of the patty. As it cooks and releases fat, the meat shrinks up, which is why the middle tends to balloon. Leaving the burger thinner in the middle than the outside border prevents this and leaves you with a beautiful, uniformly flat patty. And I don’t mean make a thumbprint in the center, I mean make a shallow crater! Practice, you’ll get it.

For a deliciously addictive recipe, check out my Steak in Red Wine Sauce. Use this sauce on steaks, hamburgers, even chicken!


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