Weekend, What Weekend?

Late start today. Although, when isn’t it a late start? I always have goals for the weekend, but they’re hardly ever met properly and I almost always end up exhausted out of my mind and wishing I could just collapse and never get up again.

B left for work at 9 and won’t be home until 7, so basically I’m on my own all day with the kids. Every meal, every diaper change, nap time, any errands or cleaning I have to do, not to mention actually attempting to play with them.

The plan is usually that we’ll get out to the produce store by…well…now, haha. It’s about to be 10 and, ideally, we would leave around 9:30 in order to beat any crowds and get home before it’s late enough for A to fall asleep in the car and so that there’s time to do the million other things that have to get done before it seems like the day is half way through or more. And since everyone is awake by 7, leaving the house by 9:30 doesn’t seem so difficult, and yet it is. Very.

So now it’s about to be 10 and we are all in our pajamas. I’ve just now taken A out of his high chair after breakfast and I’ve finished screwing the lid back on the art bench (which I had just happened to find totally askew. Someone must have tried very hard to close it with a pile of stuff rising above the top) and vacuumed the horrifying scene of dust and crumbs and broken pasta (thanks A) and dead bugs that was hiding behind and beneath.

I haven’t even showered let alone washed my face or brushed my teeth. It’s difficult when B has to work in the morning because this is my weekend and I don’t want to rush to get ready before he leaves (realize that I have a 2-year-old who won’t be penned up and can’t be trusted while I shower). I want to have my one or two relaxing mornings where I can laze in bed with my husband (and kids) and take my time with breakfast and for just a moment feel like I don’t HAVE to do something or be somewhere.

But then here I am feeling gross and already behind schedule for the day. I want to plan out some meals for the week, which means reading cookbooks and taking notes, so that’ll put me back further. G’s already asking where we’re going today and A is all over me to drain me dry of milk. Oh and I’ve just been ambushed with the horrible smell of my favorite part of motherhood. Ugh. Add another half hour for milk and double diapers.

Happy Saturday!


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