When You Wish You Could Just Call it Quits

For the past five months, I’ve been doing the work of two people at my job. One of my teammates left and the department has yet to replace him. Because I am the only person on the team who had the same job title/level of work that he did, I’m the one who got saddled with most of it. Now another teammate is on vacation for two weeks and I am virtually her only backup, again due to type of work, so I am now doing the work of three people.

On Friday, I was asked to cover a task for another teammate because he was busy with something more important. That was on top of the really important, rushed work that I had to get done before I left that day. I ended up leaving almost an hour late. For the past five months, I have almost never taken a single break, not even a lunch break. I simply do not have time to leave my desk. So on Friday, when I experienced what felt like the culmination of shit getting piled on top of me, I let one task go until this morning, a simple task that technically didn’t have to be done that day and could viably wait until this morning. And yet a woman from another department saw that it wasn’t completed yet and emailed my entire team as well as the VP of her department.

Are you fucking serious?

It would be so lovely if I had to option to go elsewhere. Maybe a place where I wouldn’t be expected to do two people’s work for nearly half a year with no extra compensation for it. Being a full time working mom is so fun 🙂


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