Good Morning

So, G has continued to wake up by 6:30 in the morning throughout the summer. It’s interesting, last year everybody started going to bed later and waking up later. We would be outside playing until 9:30 or later! It was very relaxing and carefree with no morning responsibilities…

This year, A has continued to need to sleep by 7:30/8 — 8:30 at the latest (he’s usually melting down if we get this far) — and he typically wakes up by about 7 or so. And, like I said, G is up by 6:30 every…single…day. I work at 7, so she usually comes downstairs with me while I get ready — which is actually nice because that means I actually get to see one of my kids before I leave šŸ™‚ So we’ve pretty much maintained the school year schedule somehow — I guess literally just because my poor A is so tired.

ANYWAY, so I try to sleep in on weekends! Not just in summer, of course, all year. Not that I can actually do it, my body pretty much won’t let me, but I, at the least, want to lay in bed and relax for a decent amount of time before getting up for the day if my body is going to tell me to f myself and wake up early! I get nearly zero time to myself, i.e. any time to relax/unwind/rejuvenate my mind, unless the stars align and hubs is home + there isn’t anything I need to do + hubs is cool with me hiding away for a little bit + the kids aren’t screaming and being crazy or upset + the kids don’t come find me and interrupt the whole thing (ah, the life of a parent of young children). SO, I wake up some time between 5 and 6:30 and I…want…to…relax! ALONE.

That means I might just lay there with my eyes closed. I might pick up a book and attempt to actually read. I might turn on the tv and watch some Food Network. But G gets up so early, she comes right to my room to get me. I told her “You can’t come to my room until 7 am. If it isn’t 7, then I’m still asleep and you have to stay in bed or go downstairs yourself, okay?” Okay.

She did a decent job of this for a while, but this staycation we just took…….G has been coming to my room by 6:30 every day :’D I have to pretend to be asleep when I hear her coming and then she goes back to the master bedroom and does I don’t know what (lays in bed reading?). Then she comes back to my room probably just several minutes later lmao. I’m sure she thinks an hour has passed. At that point, though, I let her catch me awake and we go downstairs together.

So this morning, as expected, G came to my room early. I laid there with my eyes closed and she went away, but this time I heard her go downstairs. Half an hour later, I bite the bullet and go downstairs, myself, and find all the lights on and G doing cartwheels in the family room. Girl got up, went downstairs, and started doing gymnastics before 7 frigging a.m. lmao!

Now if only somebody could motivate my ass to get up early and do a workout in the morning :’D


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