Feeding a Family

As I’ve said before, I’m of the mindset that life at home should be simple and that children need a solid framework of boundaries. However, as a new parent who never really experienced the raising of another child (such as a younger sibling) and, therefore, is starting out with a completely blank slate of knowledge, I’ve done my fair share of researching the subject rather than simply going with my instincts. How do you get a child to behave? What are the best and most appropriate toys? What effect does television have? How do you prevent a child from becoming a picky eater? Subject after subject. I read online articles, I look at parent forums, I buy books. One of the pieces of writing that has had a more profound affect on my parenting mindset is Kim John Payne’s, “Simplicity Parenting,” which is generally right in line with my own instincts and preferences. He touts the possession of fewer toys (and simple, imaginative ones at that), less technological interference (computers, phones, television), planning ahead, and uncomplicated organization, among other points. Honestly, if only one parenting book is ever purchased, I’d suggest this one, but it really depends on your own opinions.

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Plans for Preparing Easy Weeknight Meals

Yesterday morning, Billy, Gianna and I were supposed to go strawberry picking. I received an email notification last Tuesday stating that the berries were ripe and ready to be picked as of Memorial Day, which meant I needed to get my butt over to the farm as soon as possible while they were still looking their best! I asked Billy to make sure he’d have Sunday off of work so we could head out as early as we could be ready, since this particular farm is over an hour away. I planned to pick as many strawberries as we could stand to carry, so that I could make dessert after dessert with those tiny, perfectly red berries. I was going to make strawberry pie, roasted strawberry gelato, strawberry and lemon cake scented with basil, little trifles with strawberries and cream, strawberry tartlets, and eat just plain, fresh strawberries straight out of the bowl.

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Homemade Freezer Fare

This past week, I decided to give myself a four-day weekend in order to get my house more in order, spend a better chunk of time with my baby, and cook a mass frenzy of meals to keep in the freezer for easy, no-prep dinners during weeknights in which I just don’t have time to cook (sometimes I don’t have time to eat!). Of course, I ended up taking a little “me time,” which set me back on the organize/cook tasks, but it felt incredible, so I’m going to say that’s okay 😉

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