When You Wish You Could Just Call it Quits

For the past five months, I’ve been doing the work of two people at my job. One of my teammates left and the department has yet to replace him. Because I am the only person on the team who had the same job title/level of work that he did, I’m the one who got saddled with most of it. Now another teammate is on vacation for two weeks and I am virtually her only backup, again due to type of work, so I am now doing the work of three people.

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Weekend, What Weekend?

Late start today. Although, when isn’t it a late start? I always have goals for the weekend, but they’re hardly ever met properly and I almost always end up exhausted out of my mind and wishing I could just collapse and never get up again.

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Creative Blocks

Do you ever feel like you lose yourself when you have kids? You spend so much time trying to figure out how to be the perfect parent, how to ensure your kids survive, how not to traumatize them for life, how to make sure their lives are made of butterflies and rainbows…You stop hanging out with your friends as much as you used to because you’re all just so busy with your jobs and your families…You don’t engage in your hobbies as much as you used to. I mean, who has time when you’re busy reading fifty different parenting books during the small spans of time that you’re not playing with/caring for your kids?

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Go the *bleep* to Sleep

Hiding under the covers (in order to be on my phone without baby seeing) during A’s “bedtime routine.” It goes like this…

Bring baby upstairs against his will (2-year-old baby). Get in bed and wrestle baby to nurse. Fight to keep him from leaping off the bed. Finally get baby to nurse (and calmly). Husband walks into room, bumps into something, baby notices him and starts CRYING. Refuses to drink more milk, refuses to go to husband, just cries.

Now B’s rocking him in his infant car seat and singing ABC’s. You know it’s bad when he resorts to singing–he hates it.

Go to sleep, baby…Go. To. Sleep.

Navigating the World of Orthotic Braces

When you’re told that your child needs to wear braces on his feet, the last thing you’re probably immediately worried about is what shoes to buy. But once you have the orthotics in hand and realize how difficult they are to get into a pair of shoes, suddenly you’re looking for anyone who can give a helping hand. So that’s what I’m here to do, at least as best I can (my son only just got his, but I’ve done a LOT of research already!) 🙂

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A Week Away…

It’s the first morning of my one-week vacation from work and I started it with an ant in my armpit. After a night of completely  uncomfortable sleep, my body aching absolutely everywhere, I finally got into a comfortable position for a last bit of rest before getting up for the day with my daughter and suddenly felt this weird itch moving across my armpit. I swatted, looked down, and shrieked. One of my worst nightmares is having insects in my bed, though I guess if there had to be one, thank goodness it was an ant even if it was as gigantic as a spider. I just hope this isn’t a foreshadowing of my vacation to come.

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Housewife Envy

The honeymoon is over and I’m just consumed with so much sadness about going back to work! Aside from the dread of waking up at 4:30 in the morning to rush getting ready and arrive at the office in the dark for an 8.5-hour day of numbing my butt in front of a computer with only a half hour lunch break…I just don’t want to leave my family. I have major, major housewife envy.

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My Sweet, Silly Croquembouche

This is Gianna, my little sugar dumpling. She’s currently going through a phase of trying to put everything into my mouth (including her fingers, earning her the most recent moniker of my “little dentist”) as well as her own. Toys, books, her sunglasses, my camera strap, her toes…And she has the curious habit of picking up a toy, extending her arm behind her back, and dropping it, turning to look at where it ended up. She’ll hold herself upright at the bookshelf, pulling each stuffed animal from the shelf and dropping it behind her until either the shelf is bare or she’s become distracted by, likely, some other form of mischief. Since she’s learned to crawl, my living room is in an utterly constant state of disaster. Stuffed animals, rattles, teethers, books scattered all over the floor in piles that she simply crawls over or sits on like a queen atop her throne, my sweet, silly croquembouche.

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Getting Amped to Cook

Like I said in my last entry, I’ve been pretty bad about cooking lately. An issue beyond the cold, dark weather and my fatigue is my small kitchen! It gets cluttered up with dishes so quickly and that’s just uninspiring. Obviously I need to learn to keep the kitchen up better and plan meals ahead of time, like I had started months ago…

But today, I’ve found an additional remedy 🙂

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