Cravings Schmavings: Why Pregnancy is Not an Excuse for Unhealthy Behavior

*Disclaimer: I love my current and old friends and acquaintances. I know plenty of people, personally, who fall into the category I illustrate below and I absolutely understand the internal struggle with something that is, essentially, a form of addiction, especially for a pregnant woman with uncontrollable cravings. My frustration is more about how our country has allowed this frame of mind to become so common and to replace true common sense and conscientiousness about our health and bodies. This is not a personal comment about anyone and I truly hope I don’t offend…

I know I’m a bit of a ranter when it comes to how I believe people should eat, but I’ll just never understand being lax about your health! You see people every day on all sorts of medications with instructions from their doctors about the ways they have to change their diets or physical activities to keep from croaking too early, yet so many people are still walking around eating hamburgers, mac and cheese, and Twinkies while they drink a liter of coke, coffee, or both. I know these things taste good, but do you have no will power?

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