Cassata Cake

My cassata cake is like an Italian trifle without the bowl. Lady fingers brushed with rum syrup, layered with sweet cannoli cream that’s studded with chocolate, and then topped with chocolate shavings and pistachios. Getting the whole thing together is a three day process, but each step is very simple and well worth the wait. On the first day, make the cream. On the second day, assemble the cake. On the third day, eat šŸ™‚

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Boca Negra: An Intensely Fudgey Cake

Silky, rich, and dense, this wonderfully comforting dessert, when eaten warm out of the oven, feels like the perfect marriage between the meltingly delicious inside of a molten lava cake and its cakey outer layer. Once refrigerated, it transforms into a thick, smooth block of Mackinac Island fudge. Chocolate lovers, look no further for the ultimate in fudge cake.

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