Lemon Polenta Shortbread Cookies

My Dad and Aunt Ann’s birthdays are coming up this week and, as always, I’m making a dish for my aunt. The tradition started a few years ago when my mother and I came up with the ingenious idea to make a really gruesome cake for her birthday, since it’s during the wondrous month of Halloween and our family is just the type to be into that sort of thing šŸ˜‰ Not to say that we’re gruesome, but…our sense of humor certainly can be! Every Easter, we have a lamb cake or two and, by lamb cake, I mean a chocolate or yellow cake in the shape of a lamb. So, our idea was to make a chocolate lamb cake…corpse. I deemed it The Silence of the Lambs Cake and, I must say…it was the most amazing cake I’ve ever made, decoration-wise.

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