Feeding Kids


You Are in Control

My daughter, G, loves food and always has. When she was a baby starting out on solids, she ate everything I served. In fact, in her first year and a half of life, she only rejected two foods: pasta with sardines (I was actually surprised) and peas, which I was glad never to cook again … Continue reading You Are in Control

Get It Right from Day One

Yesterday, I talked about how you’re in control of what your child eats, no matter how much he yells or cries or stomps his feet. Today, I’m going to talk about the best way to ensure your child spends as little time as possible yelling, crying, and stomping his feet about what he does and … Continue reading Get It Right from Day One

Make Meal Time Important

I have so many fond memories of family meals, I’m not sure where to start. My favorite evenings at home with my parents were when my mom would play Sergio Mendez while she and my dad cooked and, while nobody actually danced around the kitchen, there was a vibrant, happy atmosphere. I loved Sunday dinners, … Continue reading Make Meal Time Important


To simplify my tips about how to get children to eat, I’ve compiled a list (a long one with details, but a list nonetheless!) for quick, easy referencing! That way, nobody has to reread an entire entry in order to remember a point. And to simplify further, the list runs in order of how we reach … Continue reading Tips


Alright, time for the fun stuff! For a lot of us, we already have kids with eating issues, even husbands with eating issues (yes, my love, I am going to keep referencing you, ha!) and there’s no way to backtrack. It’s never too late to improve eating habits, though. And like I said, this doesn’t … Continue reading Tricks

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