A Girl and Her Blog

My children are the light of my life. I’ve never known anyone sweeter, more precious or dear to me. They make the difficulties of living worthwhile. Since I had my first child (my daughter, G), I’ve found that all I want is to make life as delightful and fulfilling as possible. I want my kids to always feel happy, secure and loved. I want to give them as many siblings as I can stand, so that they’ll always have each other for support, no matter what. I want to teach them about the greatest things in life, how to create wonderful moments and memories, how to always look on the bright side. Most of all, I want to surround them with friends and family, for their ears to know the sweet sounds of laughter and camaraderie. I want our table to be surrounded by those we love most, sharing delicious meals and joyful moments each and every day that we’re here on this earth.

Years ago, I discovered food blogging. It started with Cannelle et Vanille. I was mesmerized by Aran’s poetic storytelling and inspired by the beauty of her photographs and tempting recipes. The food, even simple ingredients all on their own, looked amazing and I wanted nothing more than to write and photograph and cook with the skill and easy emotion that she did and does. I soon discovered, and was inspired by, more and more blogs and, finally, decided to create my own. Though I always feel like I haven’t found a voice that resonates in the manner of those I frequent and that my recipes have, so far, paled in comparison (I’m not a trained chef, after all!), blogging brings a certain joy and sense of accomplishment to a life that was beginning to feel rather drab.

Working forty hours a week and spending the remainder of my free time taking care of these two crazy kids, I see a great need for preparation and order in my life. The house needs constant cleaning and there are never meals readily available. I try to cook each night, but find I easily become distracted and often have to rush to eat or miss it completely as both my children’s and my bedtime quickly creep. I think to myself, there must be a better way! So, this blog has become my way to chronicle a journey from young, carefree, single woman to working mother and domestic goddess (thank you for the term, Nigella!). By writing about these new and exciting experiences, I hope to help and inspire others who find that, for whatever reason, they too have little time in their own lives for what I consider one of the most important events of the day: eating with family…gathering around the heart of the home, savoring delectable, yet nutritious meals made from scratch, and sharing your day with those you cherish most.

My recipes follow a specific formula that I hope will help keep cooking as simple as possible. Rather than attempting to write beautiful entries with little bits and pieces about my life before introducing you to the recipe, you’ll simply find a description, the recipe written out in clear and concise steps, and then tips, tricks, and substitutions at the end, for those who want a little extra help and insight. After all that good stuff, you can read my personal story about what brought me to that recipe, if you like 🙂

My goal is to help all you busy people of the world realize that you have more time to prepare dinner than you’re giving yourself; that no food is cheaper than fresh, in-season produce and raw, unprepared meats; and that you absolutely can cook, it just takes practice and the will to improve!

Wish me luck! I hope that cooking healthy, delicious meals for yourself and your loved ones will bring as much joy to your lives as it does mine.


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