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A blog about families–the love, the chaos, the fight to get everyone to the table with smiles on their faces and eagerness in their bellies–because it’s around the table that friends and family understand, best, the warmth of being together.

Cooking from Scratch

Nothing, I mean nothing, tastes more delicious, more addictive than homemade, from-scratch food. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed that so many people don’t cook at home and, those who do, don’t cook from scratch. The semi-homemade meal has taken over and, while I understand the necessity for a quicker, easier meal after a full-day … Continue reading Cooking from Scratch

A Girl and Her Blog

My children are the light of my life. I’ve never known anyone sweeter, more precious or dear to me. They make the difficulties of living worthwhile. Since I had my first child (my daughter, G), I’ve found that all I want is to make life as delightful and fulfilling as possible. I want my kids to always feel happy, … Continue reading A Girl and Her Blog