Simple Italian “Stir Fry”

With just the right balance of sweetness and acidity, this easy meal will take you directly past your fill. Using one pan to cook the rice (unless using leftovers, which makes for an even easier meal!) and another to saute the chicken and “stir fry” the tomatoes and rice, you’re left with a quick cleanup and more time to enjoy each other’s company and, perhaps, a little bite of dessert in front of the television…

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Balsamic BBQ Chicken with Oven Frites

The use of balsamic vinegar takes BBQ sauce and turns it on its head. I’m not one for vinegary sauces, but this one is superbly addictive. I couldn’t stop at just the chicken, but had to dip my fries in it too. And this, really, couldn’t be simpler. Cook the sauce while your chicken and fries are in the oven and they’ll all be ready just in time.
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