What You’ve Been Missing

I have done plenty of cooking, plenty of photographing, and no posting! Life has just been too hectic with the holidays. Today, my major plans are part relaxation, part massive re-organization of my apartment (since we could be moving in less than two months!), so, I’ve decided to give you a little teaser of all the recipes I have to catch up on!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake

Apple Cranberry Linzer Tart

Cranberry Sugar Pear Tartlets

Big Apple Pancake with Fig Gelato

Orange-Chocolate Chip Muffins, Jam-filled Muffins, and Citrus Scones

Sesame Cookies and Toffee

Berry Trifle Shooters

Chocolate Indulgence Shooters

Lemon Trifle Shooters



I’ve also made a few savory creations, such as pastas, mac & cheese, risotto, and the best homemade hash browns you’ll ever try, but the photos don’t do them justice, so you’ll have to settle with these sweet confections!


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